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August 7, 2019

...to the Hub, where it shares space with Lyme Regis Devlopment Trust. A move that makes a great deal of sense as both organisations work for the good of Lyme Regis alongside the Town Council. Their differing legal structures complement each other and offer greater opportunities to apply for funding. Full contact details are available here. Please note that although the office is only open 3 days a week, phone and email messages are checked daily.

July 30, 2019

Dorset HealthCare’s ‘Steps to Wellbeing’ service is offering a free Mindfulness course in the autumn, open to anyone registered with a Dorset GP. This will be led by Ellie Sturrock, a senior therapist who works regularly in Lyme and is a member of the National Network of Mindfulness Teachers.

Mindfulness helps us to live with a fuller awareness of life and an ability to relate to the difficult bits with greater kindness and clarity. It improves our ability to break unhelpful patterns and to grow new ones. We also start to enjoy the simple things and give up desires for the things we can't have and can't be.

Mindfulness can help people with anxiety and/or depressive symptoms, or who live with some form of difficulty. This could be in the internal world, such as cancer diagnosis, back pain, an ageing body, or the external: family problems, boredom, no spare time.

A short ‘taster’ session for anyone interested in the course will be held on Thursday 15th  August from 10.00am - 11.30 at Lyme R...

July 4, 2019

“Oh sleep! it is a gentle thing, beloved from pole to pole!” So said the Ancient Mariner in Coleridge’s poem, and so, probably, say all of us. Yet large numbers of people do have periodic or long-term difficulty in getting a good night’s rest.

Arranged by LymeForward, on Thursday 18th July, from 3.00pm to 4.00pm, in the small hall at Woodmead Halls, Ellie Sturrock is offering a free, open, session for anyone who would like practical sleep advice. This offers a combination of treatments for managing poor sleep. These are all psychological and behavioural, with no medication involved. It does not actively treat restless legs or sleep apnoea, but for early morning waking, insomnia, night time worries or nightmares, this will give you some strategies to use right away.

Ellie is a senior therapist with Dorset Healthcare’s ‘Steps to Wellbeing’ service. A most interesting and sympathetic professional who works regularly in Lyme Regis, she says: “All are welcome. No charge, no booking, just come...

June 17, 2019

The Annual General Meeting of LymeForward CIC will be held at 7.30pm on Monday 1st July 2019 at Woodmead Halls (Hill Road, Lyme Regis, DT7 3PG).

NB: Both meetings are open to all to listen and contribute, although only members will be able to vote.

In addition to reviewing the Minutes of last meeting, held on 2nd July 2018, and dealing with any matters arising, the business will comprise
-  Presentation and acceptance of the annual report and accounts.
  - Directors’ proposed minor amendments to the Articles of Association
- Election of a member representative to fill the vacancy on the Steering Group
-  The re-election of retiring CIC Directors. Please note that all are willing to stand again

This will be followed by the normal July LymeForward Partnership Meeting 

Members are invited to add items for inclusion on the agenda which must be communicated to the LymeForward Manager by Friday 21st June 2019 at the latest.

Members are also invited to submit written reports on their own activ...

June 9, 2019

Did you know that the week beginning 10th June is National Carers Week? Its purpose is highlighting the work done by the nearly five-and-a-half million unpaid carers in the UK, appreciating what they give to families and communities, and encouraging people who may not think of themselves as carers to recognise their role and to use the support that’s available.

“I care for my mother because she’s family – it’s natural.” “I look after Jim because he’s a neighbour – why wouldn’t I?” Such human compassion sometimes stops people realising that, more than ‘someone who helps’, they’re carers, who deserve their own share of assistance. After all, unpaid carers contribute about £60 billion a year of free services, according to the Office of National Statistics.

Every unpaid carer can, and should, make sure their GP Practice knows they’re a carer and has officially registered that fact. With all its staff aware of your caring role, the Practice should be as concerned for your own welfare as for t...

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