Areas of LymeForward Work

Community Engagement and Public Consultation

LymeForward aims to involve as many people as possible, providing information and offering ways in which they may be able to influence services. 


Helping local councils manage public consultations is an important part of LymeForward's work. Examples of specific consultations are given, where relevant, in the topics on this page.

Adrian Ragbourne has helped the Town Council to set up Lyme Voice, a consultation voting panel for the council to gauge public opinion on specific matters.


We do our best to ensure that Lyme Regis and area benefit from available funding such as the Coastal Revival Fund which brought nearly £60,000 into the town in 2015/16; collaboration with the Dorset Coast Forum has brought in around £275,000 for the Devon Path upgrade (see Coastal Community Fund).

Work is underway with Charmouth Parish Council on a feasibility project to enhance the seafront.


As well as submitting funding bids for "our" projects, Adrian can also help other organisations or individuals to write bids, for example the bid to Aviva to support a year-round Sculpture Trail in the Gardens.

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Health & Wellbeing

Our approach is to be both strategic, planning for a better future, and practical, providing urgently needed help and support to individuals.


We set up and help organise

  • Foodbank which provides food for those in urgent short-term need

  • Monthly Lyme Lunches - UPDATE: these will cease to be held at the Marine Theatre after October 2017. Arrangements for future months will be publicised as soon as possible.

  • Dementia Group

  • Living Tree Group

  • Cookery Classes

In addition, our Coordinator Adrian has been directly helping individuals who need the combined support of more than one agency.


Our role is to help people understand current issues and to be aware of consultations which are taking place so that they are better able to contribute their views to the decision-makers.

Examples of this work:

  • the setting up of the Joint Patient Participation Group, where issues that have been raised in the Patient Participation Groups of the individual GP practices, but which are not practice-specific, can be shared and conveyed to the Clinical Commissioning Group and to HealthWatch.

  • two public meetings arranged for Dr Forbes Watson, the Chair of the Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group, to explain the background to the proposed changes plus hosting a CCG Consultation session in Lyme.

  • numerous meetings, calls and emails by the Health & Wellbeing Group as they seek to establish exactly what services are provided NOW, in advance of the tender-writing for the Medical Centre services.

Strategic Planning

Charmouth Neighbourhood Plan

Local Plan Revision

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LymeForward Initiatives are currently being channeled via the Coastal Community Team plus supporting the delivery of the Town Council's Gateway Card scheme which from April 1st 2017 offers discounts to residents on a variety of LRTC services as well as offers from local businesses.


Two LymeForward member organisations take a specific interest in the area's environment. Turn Lyme Green is concerned with ecological aspects. The Lyme Regis Society is involved with protecting the natural and architectural beauty of Lyme Regis.

Lyme Forward has been working on an eco schools project and with a proposed upgrade to the Uplyme to Lyme footpath which forms part of the local bid to the Coastal Communities Fund.

Sports Culture & LifeLong Learning

Support of the ArtsFest Sculpture Trail by acting as banker and helping with funding bids.

The Coastal Path Land Art project is part of a current bid awaiting assessment by the Coastal Communities Fund.

Young People

Coordinator Adrian Ragbourne is working with Woodroffe School sixth form who want to set up a Youth Council. Cllr Cheryl Reynolds, Chair of Lyme Regis Town Council's Tourism, Community and Publicity Committee, is also actively supporting this initiative.

LymeForward member Lyme Regis Development Trust runs The Hub, providing a venue, facilities and activities for children and young people.

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