Economy and the LymeForward Coastal Community Team

Who are they and what do they do?

The Team was created in September 2015 by LymeForward in conjunction with Lyme Regis Town Council, Uplyme Parish Council and Charmouth Parish Council to take advantage of funding being made available for strategic partnerships in coastal areas to tackle economic issues through the Coastal Communities Fund (CCF) and Coastal Revival Fund (CRF).

Since then bids submitted by the team or their partners have brought some thousands of pounds into the area. Follow the link here for more details of the background, initial team membership, Terms of Reference, and funding achieved to early 2018. To be able to apply for funding, the team needed to develop an economic plan, which will soon be updated.

The team's main efforts during 2018 have been concentrated on gathering ideas for employment-related projects which would fit the CCT criteria whilst improving the seafront area for those who work, live and visit it.

Previous Work

For more information on Coastal Communities Round 4 success and preparations for Round 5, see here

Current Work: Progress Report June 2018

(i) Current (Coastal Communities Fund  Round 4 funded) projects

River Lim Path: Uplyme to Lyme Regis and vice versa.

Following many months of preparation (negotiations with local authorities and landowners, detailed specification etc) the work, which started at the Uplyme end of the path, is almost completed. The Devon Section has been resurfaced along virtually the whole length from the Talbot Car Park to the Old Mill, where much improved steps have also been provided.

The bridge over the river and into Bumpy Field has been replaced with a new structure, while additional and replacement finger posts and signing are under way. Work on the footway alongside the B3165 to provide a safe route to the rest of the East Devon Way is complete, with the provision of sheet piling to support the path where it adjoins the drainage gully. Dropped kerbs on both sides of the road form part of this scheme. In the Dorset section less surfacing work was needed, only additional land drainage and some surfacing for part of Bumpy Field, with replacement post-and-rail fencing being provided in some parts.

Much new signing is being provided within this Dorset section, including new or replacement black and white metal signs being installed within Lyme itself. Some drainage and path improvement works have been made within Slopes Farm which is a key link to the River Lim Path, although additional work may be needed to deal with one of several springs. New gates have been provided on the Haye Lane link paths.

Two self-guided walks leaflets with map, one for each direction, have been prepared and printed in the compact and attractive 'Z Card' format; these have been edited and designed by Wallis Graphic Design in Dorchester who have done similar work for the National Trust and others. They will be further edited and redesigned to provide 2 to 3 interpretation panels.

As part of the artistic element, work to restore the ford ramp at the end of Mill Green is planned.

The path works were completed by the main summer holiday period, ie the end of July, which was the original target date when work started on the schedule last year. The other work described will take longer with some not expected to be completed until 2019.

LymeForward cannot sufficiently thank Simon Williams for the energy, care and commitment he is dedicating to this complicated project with so many elements on both sides of a county border.

Some before and after pictures


Litter reduction

The CCT is part of the Dorset Coastal Forum's Litter-free Coast & Sea Project, co-ordinated by Matilda Manley. LymeForward, along with Cllr Cheryl Reynolds, completed the preliminary stages of negotiation with Dorset Waste Partnership and agreed with Karen Punchard from DWP that the idea of putting Big Belly into Lyme was worth looking into. Initial information and costings were gathered by the CCT Chair Tony Colston.


Lyme Regis Sculpture Trail

The Dorset Art Development Company has taken over management of this project. LRTC has underwritten upfront costs prior to Dorset Art Development Company fund-raising events planned for October 2018. LymeForward has transfered all monies it had been holding on behalf of this project.

Charmouth WiFi

Fast and free public wifi covering the area around the Heritage Coast Centre and on East Beach went live in October 2018.

(ii) Coastal Communities Fund (CCF) Round 5 funding bid

Following the delayed announcement on 26th February of the terms and timescales of the £40million available for projects in England, the CCT's Chair Tony Colston and LymeForward's project leaders Adrian Ragbourne and Simon Williams worked to ensure that as many of the potential projects identified at the public workshop following the LymeForward AGM in July 2017 were included in the final collaborative bid fronted by Dorset Coast Forum under the heading 'Gateways to Business Growth in Dorset'.

After carefully considering all the suggestions, taking into account timescales, ownership issues, possible planning permission requirements etc, the CCT has included the following elements, submitted as part of the DCF partnership bid.

  •    a. Interpretation (£80,000)

Providing directional, seafront and historical town information that encourages visitors to explore Lyme, Charmouth & Uplyme along and adjacent to the seafront and river valley, thus increasing footfall in the Museum and other venues and enhancing the visitor experience. By integrating the coastal and inland pathways with the town and village centres, the project plans to encourage a broader experience, enjoying local food and drink and increasing dwell time and consequent expenditure with local businesses.

  • b. Development & promotion of walking routes (£10,000)

To improve ‘legibility’ of the town, integrated with signage / interpretation as in (a) above and linking to the improved River Lim Path.

  • c. Disabled access around Lyme Regis town & gardens (£20,000)

  • d. New Lyme Regis seafront railings (£60,000) High quality ‘architectural’ style.

  • e. Lyme Regis Theatre Square demountable marquee (£25,000)

  • f. New Beach Access at Charmouth (£295,000)

  • g. Riverside footpath to link east and west Charmouth beaches (£15,000)

  • h. Visit Lyme Promotional Material (£55,000)

Walk Lyme / Fit Lyme / Shop Lyme / Cultural Lyme / Historical Lyme / Dine Lyme, linked to the identification of different ‘quarters’ of the town; cultural; harbour; beach; food; retail etc.

GREAT NEWS: We are through to Stage 2! 
Submission deadline Monday January 21st 2019

(iii) Coastal Revival Fund (CRF)

The government also invited bids for a new £1 million Coastal Revival Fund round, which is for grant funding up to £50,000 per project to be spent in 2018 / 2019. The CCT secured £60,000 in 2015 for four projects, including £40,000 for the Theatre roof (photos of the Marine Theatre appear twice in the Government prospectus for this fund!).


This Coastal Revival Fund round will support projects to help revive heritage assets that are important to local communities but have not yet reached their full economic potential, or are facing neglect. A clear link is expected between what the project aims to achieve and planned future improvements to the asset.


The Marine Theatre, St Michael's Church. the Hub and The Town Mill submitted bids to this fund by its deadline of Thursday 5th July, supported as necessary by the CCT. Applicants have been told to expect to be told if they have been successful by "Autumn". All CRF funding to be spent by March 31st 2019.

NOVEMBER UPDATE: LRDT's bid for £24,500 for the Hub is successful!