Members & Membership


Entitlement to Membership


Membership is open to any individual who works for the welfare of the local community, whether as a volunteer or an employee. Anyone wishing to become a member should apply via the Manager.

In cases where an individual's community work is carried out as part of a group or organisation:

  • the member joins and actsas an individual not as a delegate of the group or organisation

  • that group or organisation is not itself bound by any action taken by the individual as a member of LymeForward

  • the extent to which the individual wishes to consult with the group or organisation on matters brought to LymeForward is at the individual's discretion

  • more than one individual associated with a group or organisation may be a member, subject to the voting restriction which stipulates that if two or more members present for a vote are associated solely and exclusively with a particular group or organisation, only one may vote on a matter ruled by the Chair to directly affect that group or organisation.

Purpose of Membership

Members have ultimate control of LymeForward. They can instruct the Directors to take, or refrain from taking, certain actions, and have a monitoring role to ensure that LymeForward operates in accordance with its Articles and all relevant legislation.

Members, who are a source of strength and local knowledge for LymeForward, can participate in its activities as much or as little as they wish.


Members receive regular email communications from LymeForward:

    (a) about LymeForward business such as meeting dates, agendas and reports;

    (b) about community events, activities and developments.

Joining members may choose to receive both types of mailing or just one or the other, and can opt out of either or both at any time.

[Non-members may also sign up to receive mailings in category (a)].

Obligations of Members


The sole obligation of a member is liability to contribute £1 in the event of LymeForward being wound up while he or she is a member or within one year thereafter.

Becoming a Member

If you are interested in becoming a member and helping LymeForward to carry on "activities which benefit Lyme and the surrounding area", please contact LymeForward on 01297 441225 or email