Steering Group

The Steering Group is the primary committee of LymeForward with responsibility to:

  1. Prioritise operational activity to best meet LymeForward's objects;

  2. Keep the Community Plan under review so that:

  • new issues are identified and incorporated; and

  • completed projects are evaluated and written out of the Plan

  3. Guide and support LymeForward staff in their work.

Steering Group Membership

The Steering Group consists of the following:

  1. An officer or councillor from each Local Authority within the LymeForward area.

      As at March 2019, these are:  

Cheryl Reynolds (Lyme Regis Town Council)

Paul Oatway (Charmouth Parish Council)

Chris James (Uplyme Parish Council)

Jane Nicklen (West Dorset District Council)

  2. Up to three LymeForward members chosen by offer or invitation from the Directors and then approved by a             general meeting for this role.

     Currently these are:  

Tony Colston (Lyme Regis Business Group)

Godfrey Thomas (Lyme Regis Development Trust)


  3. LymeForward Directors may attend as non-voting members.

      Currently these are as listed on the Directors page.

  4. The LymeForward Manager will attend as secretary, in a non-voting capacity.