Town Council Projects

Lyme Regis Town Council requirements for LymeForward  for 2017/18 are

1 Developing engagement with the business community / supporting the development of the business group [New]

This comes under the aegis of the Coastal Community Team with its 'economic' brief.

Initial objectives:

- To better involve local businesses as partners in matters pertaining to the commercial and economic welfare of the town.

- To give the Town Council a single point of contact for such matters.

- To create a stronger local business voice in Lyme and the local area, benefiting businesses and strengthening funding bids.

- To encourage businesses in different sectors (eg fishing/the harbour, tourism and visitor attractions, retail, food and drink …) to contribute their perspectives on matters of common interest.

- To decide whether Charmouth businesses should be involved.


Immediate actions:

- A preliminary meeting has been held with Ian Girling, Chair of Dorset Chamber of Commerce, to better understand potential models to bring businesses in Lyme and area together in a cohesive business group; Councillor Reynolds and Tony Colston attended a Dorset Chamber of Commerce meeting on 29th September.

- A public event is proposed for October to bring businesses together, to hear the various plans being explored locally, ideas from Ian Girling, plans from LRTC, and recommendations from the existing Lyme Regis Business Group.

- From this event a potential working model, perhaps a Chamber of Commerce, would be developed if sufficient interest is shown.


2 Promoting a safer neighbourhood / liaising with the police and other emergency services [New]

This comes under the aegis of the Health and Wellbeing Group (which fulfils the Community Plan's heading of 'Health, Wellbeing and Safer Communities').

Initial objectives:

- Establish what weaknesses / gaps now exist and how / whether they can be plugged.

- Determine the ways in which police and emergency services plan to operate locally.

Immediate actions:

- The Coordinator and PCSO Luke White have discussed the current situation regarding local presence and future risks such as annual scheduling of police work, their lack of resources, and their focus only on statutory obligations.

- Consult with community groups (eg Residents' Association) to understand concerns.


- Developing this initiative requires that LymeForward and LRTC reach realistic objectives and coordinate their engagement with the police and other authorities.

- Councillors will recall LymeForward's liaison with the Fire & Rescue SAIL team, enabling them to get their advice to local groups.

- Councillors will note that the various health and wellbeing support groups are themselves contributory to 'safety'.


3 Developing Lyme Voice as a consultation vehicle

- Currently with LRTC for next steps.

- Meanwhile, the Coordinator has investigated a consultation portal called

'Engagement HQ' and will be trialling it for some CCT projects.


4 Including improved facilities in Langmoor and Lister Gardens as part of a grant application to the Coastal Communities Fund

This was incorporated in the July workshop (which had available a composite listing of Town Council objectives and earmarked funds, as well as of harbour-related bids) and would form a key element of the seafront enhancement programme bid.


5 Coordination of Town Council's response to consultations

As requested by LRTC.

• Community Engagement through social media

Clarification awaited from LRTC, particularly in relation to LRTC Facebook presence, being monitored by Officers. (LymeForward also has a Facebook presence.)


6 Neighbourhood Planning

Awaiting LRTC's position on a Lyme Regis Neighbourhood Plan, and keeping in touch with the Charmouth Plan as it develops.