Health & Wellbeing Group

(updated February 2020)

LymeForward's Health and Wellbeing group was set up in recognition that health and social care issues are a significant community concern within the Local Area Partnership, and that coordinating effective action requires leadership by a team of enthusiastic individuals.

The group has consolidated to a core membership of 15 volunteers, many with good professional experience in different parts of the health service. One is a Board member for Dorset County Hospital; another is a Govenor for Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust.

The group's original priority was promoting local needs while the Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group re-commissioned the contracts for GP services at Lyme Regis Medical Centre and for community health services in the whole LymeForward 'patch'. Both those contracts had been held by Virgin Healthcare. In June 2019, GP services at Lyme Regis Medical Centre merged with those at Lyme Bay Medical Practice (Kent House) to create a single Practice led by Dr Forbes Watson. The contract for community health services was awarded to Dorset HealthCare.

The group’s current priorities are:


• Alongside the Patient Participation Group, monitoring and supporting the merged Lyme Bay Medical Practice in consolidating and developing high-quality GP and nursing services. Maintaining similar relations with the PPG for the Charmouth Practice.


• Ensuring that community health services for the Lyme Regis and Charmouth area, including those Devon residents registered with the Lyme Regis or Charmouth GPs, are as efficient and locally-accessible as practicable. This involves working closely with Dorset HealthCare as it develops these services, including its four Intermediate Care beds at Lyme Regis Nursing Home and full local integration with the Bridport Hub and Virtual Ward.


• Taking the same approach to associated provision run, in particular, by the Children and Young People’s Public Health Services, the West Family Partnership Zone, mental health services for children and adults, and addiction treatment from Dorset REACH.


• Monitoring and supporting developments in Social Prescribing, both the Health Coaching and linkworkers provided by the Help and Care Self Management Service and the ‘Health Champions’ promoted by the charity Altogether Better.


• Understanding and, where possible, influencing the role of the Jurassic Coast Primary Care Network that links the Lyme and Charmouth GP Practices with those in Bridport, Beaminster and Maiden Newton.


• Maintaining interest in the Integrated Care developments across the border in East Devon, seeking to maximise the potential for cross-border access to health and care services and to minimise bureaucratic, financial and legal barriers to cross-border working.


• Continuing liaison with Dorset Healthwatch, the official patient voice for the county.

• Supporting volunteer-led groups facilitated by LymeForward: the Foodbank, Memory Café, Carers’ Group, Community Lunches and Death Café, plus helping to promote and coordinate the work of independent voluntary groups that benefit local health and wellbeing.


The Health and Wellbeing Group welcomes all contributions (suggestions, questions, experiences of health and care services, etc) from patients registered at either GP Practice in Lyme Regis or Charmouth, and from any professional staff. A member of the group will meet with any local group that wishes to find out more. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email the group's chair, Ken Lavery,


The current membership of the group is:


Caroline Aldridge

Sue Atkinson
Chris Boothroyd

Hilton Davis
Dave Edwards
Anne Hardman

David Hardman
Sue Herman
Ken Lavery (Chairman)
Mike McAlpine
Rachael Pope
Cheryl Reynolds
Julie Sheppard
Lavinia Sonnenberg

Steve Trevethan